We help socially conscious entrepreneurs, organizers, healers, teachers, etc. turn their stories into videos and move the influence of their work from the margins to the center. Whether you’re looking to fund a project, grow your client base, or launch something entirely new, people need to not only hear about your work — they need to be captivated by it and invited to participate. We believe video is becoming the primary means by which individuals learn about new products, ideas, businesses and movements. And the best part is, it’s more accessible now than ever.

You don’t need to hire a full-time video team or even contract a huge crew to make high quality video anymore. Those tools are available to you right now. But we don’t just help you throw together a fancy looking video. We help you tell your story in a way that is true to your values and compelling to the people you are trying to reach.

We help connect your message to a MOVEMENT.


About Ian Strickland

I believe in the power of storytelling; inviting people to not only see an idea but to see themselves as part of it. As a kid I used to love telling stories. Sometimes in the form of songs around a bon fire, other times it was a home movie with the other neighborhood kids. The best part was that there were no expectations, no parameters. I always knew I was telling a good story when I was enjoying telling it. Because the pleasure of telling a story was directly related to the pleasure others took from receiving it.

I love the art of video. As I grew older, I felt I needed to “grow out” of making videos. Storytelling was for kids. I went to seminary and learned how to preach and write, which mostly just meant telling stories with a whole bunch of rules around it. Since quitting the pastor gig, I’ve been relearning the freedom of telling genuine and authentic stories through video. It’s become an avenue through which I can connect ideas to people. Which is really the purpose of storytelling in the first place.

This is today’s formula for movement-making. If your goal is to change this world for the better, whether in your own town or the globe; whether through a business, nonprofit, faith community or a solo venture; you already know the value of your work. The task now is to invite others to become part of it. To expand, grow and deepen your influence so you can make the impact you desire. I would love to help you tell your story and ultimately strengthen the work you are doing.